My gift is empowering you to see yourself differently while helping you create habits and routines you love and that love on you right back. I help you do this by giving you both structured practical protocols as well as tools to let go of beliefs that have prevented you from feeling worthy of living life on your terms. As we work together, I help you invite more ease into your days so you can create a life you enjoy living.

This isn’t coaching as you know it. This isn’t about adding more to-do’s, goals or deadlines to your list OR inviting one more person bossing you around into your life (seriously, you don't need one more of those!). The magic that happens between us is much more rewarding & enjoyable than that.

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Burned out to Blissed Out

you’re fried & have no time.

the path of the lotus

you’re ready to bloom.


Take it from someone who's been in your shoes.


“Maria helped me so much in a terrible time and she did that by constantly encouraging me to look forward and not back! ❤️” - A.M.

"Working with Maria has made a lasting impact on me. When we connected, I had been experiencing chronic neck pain for 3 plus years and debilitating neck pain for several weeks. After I mentioned it to her she suggested I try a particular journaling exercise to figure out what the pain was trying to communicate to me and after completing the exercise, for the first time, I knew why my neck was bothering me and was able to get to the root cause of the pain.

The experience was empowering and surprising because I had been working with several practitioners on my neck and none had suggested I try to find the mind body connection behind the discomfort I was experiencing.

What Maria does is unique. She helped me help myself and in so doing left me feeling more empowered and intune with what was happening in my body.” - Mary L.