Designed to fortify your self worth & trust in your inner guidance so you can move boldy in the direction of your dreams in just 2 months.


Free Spirit Finishing School Includes







Can you imagine in 2 months…

  • Having a clear sense of purpose and direction.

  • Confidently speaking your truth.

  • Feeling satisfied with who you are and where you are while knowing you’re still growing.

  • Deciding what you want to do without needing to ask anyone for permission.


If you’ve been feeling called to OWN your path…


Maria Fendrick

Your Self Care Coach

and honor your inner guidance, wholeness and gifts, to create a life on purpose there is a REASON you found your way to this page.

Over the last few years I have helped business partners & clients break through the unsupportive (and untrue) stories they tell themselves and grow their self worth while coming into greater alignment with the truth of who they are.

Members of this community leave behind the stories that draim them and replace them with stories that are true, supportive and fill them up. My clients learn to LOVE themselves (seriously), my clients become their own best friend and leave their inner critic out of a job. People in their lives notice when they start to change in this seemingly invisible way and can’t help but tell them about it.

Join Free Spirit Finishing School and this can be you, too!


What Can Free Spirit Finishing School Do for You?


Living a life that brings you joy and empowers you to contribute the gifts you were born with to the world requires that you trust yourself, know your worthiness without a doubt and connect with your inner guidance system. Without a road map or guide the process can be overwhelming. Free Spirit Finishing School can speed up the process and save you years of being frustrated and stuck in the same situation


Who’s the program for?

Whether you want to stop giving a rip about what other people think, trust yourself more, or connect in a deep way with your intuition and personal truth, Free Spirit Finishing School will help you:

  • know your true value

  • clarify your desires

  • notice & understand your inner guidance

  • take aligned action

  • increase your self confidence

  • have more time for yourself

  • improve your relationships

  • get more done


What’s included

  • Supportive community of women committed to living their best lives

  • 9 weeks of group coaching - 75 minutes/week

  • 2 one on one coaching calls with Maria - 60 minutes each

  • Guided weekly meditations

  • A customized Self Care Package sent to your doorstep

  • Private facebook group for community, encouragment and support between sessions


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